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Natural Powder Mixture plays a very important role in enhancing the Aroma of Agarbatti & Dhoopbatti - Many different combination and knowledge given. Knowledge to make Flora Agarbatti and its raw material also given in report.

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What will i learn?
  • Make your own Masala Agarbatti - Dhoopbatti
  • Knowledge to make Flora Agarbatti also given
  • Make your own Different Combinations
  • Make Spiritual Agarbattis also.

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Making Masala Agarbatti
1 Lessons 00:13:19 Hours
  • Masala Agarbatti video 00:13:19
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Normally people think that its Perfume only which brings smell to Agarbatti but its not true - Powder combinational also play a very important role in bringing smell to Agarbatti. Many Large manufacturer have failed to understand the importance of powder mixture & those who have known this thing are creating differentiation and Monopoly in market. Perfume and Natural Powder mixture both play equal role in making quality Agarbatti.

  • In our course we teach you to make Masala Agarbatti by Hand Rolling on Bamboo sticks with use of Natural items like Dhoop, Ood, Loban, Herbal Powders, Sandal, Camphor etc.
  • Herbal Mosquito Repellent Agarbatti is possible by Hand Roll. No side effect.
  • One can use same combination in machine also. Depending on machine certain adjustment in Ratio and Proportion has to be done
  • We explain & Demonstrate mixing Few materials, proportions & making Dough by mixing water & Hand - Roll on Plain Bamboo sticks to get Masala Agarbatti.
  • Various formulas to make different kind of Masala Agarbattis like - Standard Masalabatti, Chandan - Sandal, Rose - Gulabbatti, Mosquito Repellent Masala Agarbatti, WET Batti, Flora Batti, Dry Batti, Dhoopbatti, Cone, Atmosphere Purifier, Vaastu Agarbatti & few more varieties. You can also modify as per your requirement and make your specialty.
  • Ideal for Daily Pooja, Havan, Meditation & Yoga Therapy. You can also add Natural Essential Oil or Aroma Oil to make it more Prestigious. You can also make Dhoop Batti by Hand Process with the same material.

Agarbatti making Machine

  • Now as Agarbatti Rolling Machine are easily available & at cheap rate - our this Course Book & Consultancy has given Excellent Results and gave our students a Great Competitive edge over others.
  • Many are making their own custom Premix as per their requirement and cheap powder available ion their area.
  • After course whenever they face any difficulty or have any clarification on whatever dealer misguide them - they called us and necessary FREE FOLLOW UP Guidance was provided which saved their TIME & MONEY. You may also take advantage
  • If you already have machine and facing some problem, you may learn this Topic or in case you are planning to buy a machine, before buying machine Order and Learn this course

Spiritual Masala Agarbatti

Actual purpose of Agarbatti was to burn daily in House Natural Pooja & Havana Powder which could change the vibration of premise and bring positive energy in your premise. But that is totally forgotten in today competitive market. Instead of Pure Havana Powder mixture Agarbatti people are burning only Charcoal based agarbatti which is totally useless. So the real intention of Agarbatt as per our religion is somewhere missed in todays market.

In this course some of the Good Spiritual combinations are given which brings Happiness, Love, Peace, Prosperity & Progress in our life and Vastu & Feng Shui experts & Aroma Therapist also prefer this. For much detailed knowledge on such topic we have our one more course Book - Agarbatti & Spirituality Check that for more information.

Flora & Wet Agarbatti

Commonly in market whatever Premium or costly Agarbatti are sold who will find it wet i.e. soft. They are sold in name of Flora Batti or Wet Agarbattis. The advantage of such Agarbatti is that they remain soft for a very long period of time - almost 1+ year provided with good packing. Chemical or natural ingredient used for making such Agarbatti are having properties that it can bind or Lock perfume in Agarbatti for a very very long Phase of time.

We had such Agarbatti Box which we had bought almost 3 year back - still almost 70 - 80% fragrance is still there and it smell almost smell as it used to be when it was fresh. This also depend on quality of Perfume also. But such raw material are having properties that it can lock perfume for long period of time.

Specific Raw material is required for making such Agarbattis - which is openly available in market and also Technical know-how is also given by which one can make such Raw Material also, which gives our student a cost advantage over others.

Don't ignore such wonderful topic - this could be Asset to your Business

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